Special Dispenser Permit/Public celebration permit

If a New Mexico license holder will be serving alcoholic beverages from any place other than the approved liquor licensed premises for functions such as wedding receptions, gallery openings, or community fiestas, a permit is required.

Special Dispenser Permit, sometimes called a picnic license, is not issued to private individuals; only the Dispenser Liquor Licensee may apply. Please click here for application instructions.

Public Celebration Permit, licensees that hold a Craft Distiller, Small Brewer, or Winegrower License may apply for a Public Celebration Permit.  Please click here for application instructions.    


The local governing body of the local option district must grant approval for the issuance of the permit.


Twelve days before the event, the applicant must submit to the Town Clerk’s Office (400 Camino de la Placita, Taos NM 87571) a completed Alcoholic Beverage Control Division Special Dispenser Permit Application or a Public Celebration Permit Application.  Please include with the application:

  • a detailed floor plan; and
  • a list of alcohol beverage certified servers who will be serving.   

A fee of $25 per day is due when the application is submitted to the Clerk’s Office (fee only applies to Special Dispenser Permit applications).  


Upon approval by the Town (within three (3) working days), the applicant must submit the application to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division for their final approval. The Alcoholic Beverage Control Division requires original applications to be submitted at least ten (10) days before the event. The applicant must fax, email, or deliver to the Town Clerk’s Office a copy of the application signed and approved by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division before the event.

Important Note

Per Town of Taos Resolution 16-30, Special Dispenser Permit Applications and Public Celebration Permit Application shall be formally approved by the Town Council if the number of expected attendees exceeds 5,000.

Alcoholic Beverage Control Division Forms

More Information

For any other questions, contact the Town Clerk at 575-751-2004.