Police Officer

The Town of Taos is seeking qualified applicants for the following full-time position which includes an excellent benefit package; 100% major medical premium paid for employee with a choice of State of New Mexico Blue Cross Blue Shield, HMO & PPO or Presbyterian, State of New Mexico Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA) Retirement, personal leave and holiday pay, employee development and training programs and much more!

 VA# 18-19-27 – (Amended 07/24/2019)
 Job Title: Police Officer
 Taos Police Department
 FLSA Classification: Non-Exempt
 Hourly: $19.85 - $24.85
 Opening Date: April 08, 2019
 Closing Date: Open Until Filled

Performs a variety of entry level technical law enforcement duties related to enforcing the laws, maintaining the peace, and protecting the citizens of Taos.

Works under the general supervision of a Lieutenant or Sergeant.


Investigation:  Conducts criminal investigations; processes scene of crime; finds, identifies, marks and preserves evidence; performs as evidence control officer;  assures integrity of all evidence through all stages of the evidence management process, including distribution, return, destruction and/or sale of items;  transports evidence to various crime labs and court rooms; utilizes fingerprinting, photography and other specialized equipment in processing crime scenes; interviews and interrogates witnesses, victims and suspects; prepares all necessary reports.

Manages investigative case load of major felony crimes; handles rape and homicide cases; works closely with supervisor(s) in solving difficult cases; follows-up and insures completion of all cases; conducts research and pursues clues, makes telephone calls, tracts criminal histories, secures existing information on suspects, etc.; apprehends and arrests suspects.

Answers business/bank complaints of theft, forgery, scams, bounced checks, embezzlements, bad credit and white collar crimes; alerts businesses and community of check forgeries, and short change artists; performs surveillance; obtains search warrants; works closely with Town and County attorney concerning legalities involved in certain cases and arrests.

Prepares facts, information, evidence and statements for court proceedings; secures witnesses and testimonies; prepares visual diagrams of the scene of crime as deemed necessary; performs extraditions; testifies in court when necessary.

Develops informative contacts and participates in covert operations; investigates and apprehends persons suspected of illegal sale, purchase or use of narcotics; may examine prescriptions and pharmacy’s and physician’s records to ascertain legality of sale and distribution of narcotics; arrests narcotic offenders; obtains statements for prosecution of offenders and appears in court as witness.

Performs surveillance; obtains search warrants; works closely with Town and County attorney concerning legalities involved in certain cases, arrests; contacts other agencies and law enforcement jurisdictions to exchange information, including but not limited to military, NCIC, FBI, DEA, ATF and other criminal history or intelligence resources; performs activities related to the enforcement of the Controlled Substance Act.

Patrol:  Patrols all areas of the town in police vehicles or on foot, including the town streets and businesses, checking for unlocked doors, windows and building security; makes business location and residential house checks for possible illegal activities.

Responds to crimes in progress; secures, defuses and resolves high risk felony calls;  secures crime scenes for evidence searches; makes preliminary investigation and interrogates complainants, witnesses and suspects;  completes complaint questionnaires;  performs case follow-up and assists with investigation activities as assigned;  makes arrests;  responds to calls for assistance;  controls traffic and enforces traffic laws and ordinances;  directs traffic, assists motorists, issues citations and warnings for D.W.I.’s, D.U.I.’s, moving violation and investigates accidents involving motor vehicles; prepares and submits accident, offense, arrests and other forms and reports as necessary.

Serves summons and subpoenas and keeps records of dispositions; escort’s prisoners to and from jail or from one location to another; subdues unruly prisoners when necessary.

Completes comprehensive reports of daily activities and enforcement actions; Prepares for court cases and testifies in court when required.

Cleans and maintains assigned fire arms and vehicles and other special equipment.

Community Oriented Policing (COP):  Plans, organizes, and implements various programs for special target populations of the community as needed to address needs, concerns, and issues pertaining to crime prevention and public relations.

Develops or implements program(s) unique to elementary, Junior High and High schools; focus on safety, drug awareness, alcohol (DWI), etc.; conducts lectures, workshops, classes or gives presentations related to criminal activity within the schools to assist school officials; educates participants and youth regarding law enforcement practices; demonstrates specialized equipment explains efficiency and effectiveness of the same; attends school functions to monitor student activities.

Organizes and establishes neighborhood watch areas; conducts community watch meetings with concerned citizens upon request; educates public regarding effective action through organized community efforts.

Performs departmental public relations functions; conducts tours of the department; delivers public speeches at community gatherings, church meetings, civic meetings, schools, etc.

Participates as member of special task forces or cooperative agency programs related to gang activity and other high profile situations and concerns.

Performs related duties as required.


Education and Experience: Graduation from high school; plus, six months (6 mo.) of specialized training provided through formal academic courses, formal supervisory training provided through in-service, professional workshops or P.O.S.T. certifications; AND One (1) year of law enforcement experience as a municipal, county, or state officer; OR an equivalent combination of education and experience;

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Some knowledge of Taos and its street systems; modern law enforcement principles, procedures, techniques and equipment; applicable Federal, State, County, and Town laws and ordinances and departmental rules and regulations; hazardous waste classifications and emergency procedures related to control, containment and confinement; basic principles of law enforcement administration; basic investigative procedures and practices; legal liabilities associated with arrest and law enforcement; court room procedures and laws of evidence;  computer literate in the use of Microsoft Word, etc.

Skill in the use of firearms, the operation of police vehicles and other specialized equipment including breathalyzers, radar units, police batons and restraining devices.

Ability to react effectively in emergency and stress situations; ability to exhibit imagination, initiative and problem-solving capability in coping with a variety of law enforcement situations; follow standard safety practices and procedures common to law enforcement work; perform work requiring good physical condition; teach and communicate effectively, verbally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, other agencies and the public.

Special Qualifications:

Must be clear of a prior criminal record. Must possess a valid New Mexico State Driver’s License.  Must maintain firearm proficiency.  Must maintain law enforcement certification by completing annual training requirements.

Work Environment:

Functions of the position generally performed in a controlled environment, but subject to all seasonal and weather extremes.  Constant travel.  Many functions of the work pose high degree of hazard uncertainty.  Physical readiness essential to effective job performance.  Various levels of mental application required, i.e., memory for details, emotional stability, discriminating thinking, creative problem solving.  Continuous use of motor skills.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS- If you feel you meet the minimum qualifications for the position and you have the necessary drive and ambition to be part of the Taos Police Department for the Town of Taos, please submit a complete Town of Taos Preliminary Police Employment Application to: Town of Taos Human Resources Department, 400 Camino de la Placita, Taos, NM 87571 or via e-mail: employment@taosgov.com.  Your application must be complete, clear, and include the correct job title and announcement number.  Applications and any attachments become the official property of the Town of Taos and cannot be returned or reused after being submitted.  Applications will be accepted until 5:00 P.M. on the closing date listed above.

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