Ice Skating Rules

1. Skaters must obey the rink guards instruction immediately!

2. Skaters are NOT allowed on the ice while the ice groomer is in operation.

3. NO horseplay

4. NO speed skating

5. NO pushing or shoving

6. NO games (tag, crack the whip, train, etc.)

7. NO food or drink on the ice at any time

8. NO pucks or sticks during recreation time

9. NO foul language

10. Skaters MUST stay on the mats provided for walking to and from the ice rink.

11. Skates must be removed or skate guards used if you desire to enter the arcade or other areas of the facility.

12. NO alcohol or drugs are permitted on the premises.

13. You MUST skate with the flow of traffic.

14. NO skating recklessly to endanger yourself or others

15. NO smoking.

16. NO skating backwards

17. NO shoes on the ice

18. Intentional damages to the facilities by any act of aggression will not be tolerated