Exhibits & Displays


It is the policy of the Taos Public Library, as part of its information mission, to provide information through both displays and exhibits provided from the library’s own collections and/or services of other community agencies or individuals. Though the library may provide space for such a display or exhibit, this does not necessarily indicate the library endorses the position promoted by the exhibit or display.

Any display created by an employee of the Taos Public Library will be considered a staff display and not a public display. Staff may create displays of library materials to encourage the use of the informational resources of the Library and promote a positive view of the Library in the community. Such displays should reflect all viewpoints on a given subject where appropriate.

Display tables in the lobby and inside the library may be permitted with permission of the Director.

Petitioning or Distribution of Literature in the Library

It is the policy of the Taos Public Library that petitioning, solicitation, distribution of literature or leaflets, or canvassing by members of the public are not allowed in the library. Rare exceptions under unusual circumstances may be made for specific Library or Town of Taos projects with the express approval of the Director.

The library will not accept for distribution any religious or political literature, pamphlets or flyers.

Use of the Kiosk or Community Bulletin Board

Announcements of events, classes, services and sale items may be placed on the Kiosk. All items on the kiosk are removed on the first of the month.