Unusual Holiday Fun

Check out these daily unusual holidays to make your days more fun! Try new foods, celebrate your favorites! Just click on the month to see what to celebrate!
We have compiled a daily holiday list but you can check out the following websites for more daily holidays:
NationalToday.com, NationalDayCalendar.com, TimeandDate.com, HolidayInsights.com, HolidaysCalendar.com, and Holidaysandobservances.com.


February                                Other February Fun:

                                               Groundhog Day Word Search 

                                                February Love Word Search

                                                February Crossword Puzzle

                                                February National Holiday Word Scramble


April                                       Other April Fun:

                                                 April Word Search

May                                        Other May Fun:

                                               May Word Search

                                                May Crosswords