Mission Statement

In a spirit of excellence, integrity and dedication, we are committed to provide timely, accurate, clear and complete financials and support to other town departments, citizens and the community at large.

Departmental Objectives

  • Budget Preparation and Monitoring: Perform, monitor, evaluate and improve procedures and processes currently in place by providing a condensed summary of revenues and expenditures. Assist each department in understanding the budget and financial statements.
  • Procurement/Payables: Give our internal customers a clear understanding of procurement; facilitate the process to provide timely payments to our external customers.
  • Payroll: Continue to measure, monitor, and evaluate the payroll process through the use of time clocks to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the process.
  • Capital and Fixed Assets (FAS): Maintain FAS-Government database to account for all fixed and capital assets, improve equipment disposal process, paperwork flow and inventories in order to accurately account for all assets.


We work to develop and implement a training program that will address finance department training needs and to continue internal cross training and develop and deliver a training program to address the Town of Taos policies and procedures related to Finance.

Training will be provided to our internal customers on the Finance Department’s Policy and Procedures which will result with a clear understanding of procedures.

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